Welcome to the Game!

Awesome Tag is a game you’ve already been playing almost as long as you could speak. It’s very simple – you notice something awesome about another person and point it out to them. People who are unaware that they’re playing Awesome Tag are prone to calling such things “compliments” so we’ll stick with that term.

Now that you’ve found this website, you are entering the intermediate level of Awesome Tag playing and can help others level-up!

The new level of complexity is actually pretty simple compared to how difficult being awesome can be at times.

If you’ve found this site by getting an Awesome Tag Card, here are the steps (all are optional):

  1. Create a user account on this website (we will never share your information without your permission – that would be the opposite of awesome). You don’t need to use your real name, but you do need to use a real email address.
  2. Two options here, both should work:
    a. Click the “address” line of your browser and put the Unique Card ID as the last part of the URL – like www.awesome-tag.com/UniqueID1 – capitalization counts, but if the Tagger didn’t enter it into the system the same way it’s on the card with capital and lowercase letters, try the other way.
    b. Use the search field to find the post for the Unique Card ID
  3. Comment on the post for the card you got with whatever awesome circumstances lead to you getting it (general time of day and date, where you were, if the person who gave it to you was someone you knew or a stranger, what was the awesome thing pointed out – no need to be specific in any of these if you’re a private person, but we’d like to watch the awesome ripple around the world if we can!).
  4. Once you’ve entered it into the system by commenting go use it to tag someone else! If you want to be done playing Awesome Tag at this level now, you can be, or you can become a Tagger by following the steps below.

If you want to be a Tagger or you found this site without being handed an Awesome Tag Card and want to play, here’s what to do:

  1. Create a user account on this website (we recognize that you are awesome even though no one gave you a card yet – and being awesome ourselves, we’ll never share your information without your permission). Pick a name (doesn’t have to be your real one, just one not already in the system), and give a real email address that you actually check so you can watch the awesome ripple around the world.
  2. Obtain Tag Cards. You can make these cards however you want – anything from scribbling it out on scrap paper or cardboard, to printing out some of the business card size templates we’re working on, to having actual cards printed up – you are in control of all that. What would be extra awesome is if creative folks turn these into artist trading cards. These don’t even have to be made out of paper, if you’re a fiber artist or want to use fabric scraps and perminent marker – that’s fine too!
    a. The words Awesome Tag!
    b. Some phrase along the lines of “I saw something awesome about you! Share it!”
    c. The URL to this website (www.awesome-tag.com)
    d. The words “Unique Card ID” followed by something you make up to help identify that particular card – you might want to search the site first to make sure very similar IDs are not already in use by someone else. These can be as simple as your initials followed by numbers, but it needs to be different on each card.
    e. (optional) Got an awesome band or awesome project or work for an awesome company that you want to spread word about? Go ahead and include that information on your cards somewhere if you’d like (PLEASE make note on the card if it’s not something kids should be looking at, as there are young ones playing Awesome Tag!). Note that these cards will hopefully travel great distances, so you probably don’t want to list anything only available locally.
  3. Comment on this thread to let us know you want to be a Tagger so we can switch your user permissions on the site to allow you to post the cards you’re sending out into the awesome wilderness.
  4. Once your permissions have been upgraded, create a post for each card using the unique identifier you chose for the card as the post title. You can also post an image of the card (particularly nice for those handmade ones!) and anything awesome about you (and safe for all ages to know!) that you’d like to share.
  5. Watch for awesomeness in others, tell them when you see it, and give them one of your Tag Cards so they can log it into the system.