Become a Tagger

So you’d like to become a Tagger in the always-on game of Awesome Tag! Great! Soon we hope to have some printable templates for Tag Cards (in case you don’t feel like crafting your own). To let us know you’d like an account on this website set up to let you post your cards before handing them out, please contact us through the Contact Form or comment below. Only Tag Card originators need to have an account on this website to play, card recipients can use existing account from various other websites to comment on the post for the Tag Card they received before passing it on to track where it has been. Do be aware that we will be monitoring the posts, and posts that are about anything other than Awesome Tag cards being handed out or include anything not appropriate for young Awesome Tag players, will be edited or deleted without notice and may result in your account permissions getting knocked down to just able to comment with moderation. Be awesome to one another.