About Awesome Tag!

This website was started by Ahmie Yeung, an independent sociologist and mom in the Cleveland area. Ahmie has been casually doing the “give someone a really random but sincere comment” game for as long as she can remember, and the joy from this has helped her through many tough times in life. She has been in chronic pain since middle childhood from Hypermobility Syndrome, and this leads to her using mobility aids (double canes when she’s on foot or a mobility scooter). Intentionally seeking out the good aspects of life instead of dwelling on the negatives, Ahmie later learned in her academic studies, has been scientifically shown to increase life satisfaction. Encouraging more happiness and awesomeness to be available in the lives of everyone possible, and being able to see how we’ve each spread a little good through the world by our own presence, was the main rationale behind Ahmie developing this website. It was inspired by the currency-tracking online “game” Where’s George?¬†Assistance with this website would be very warmly welcomed.

Finding out who is responsible for removing a barrier to full inclusion for people with disabilities is one of Ahmie’s favorite awesome things to spot, and if you are in need of someone to help make a situation more accessible to people with various access challenges, feel free to contact her for assistance. Ahmie has several projects going on at all times and generally works on what her physical abilities or awesome support system can accomplish at any given moment. In addition to the online, yarncrafting, photography, and writing projects, she has also been married to her college sweetheart Garvin since 1999 and in 2004 Ahmie gave birth to the first of their five¬†children. When Ahmie was explaining the idea of Awesome Tag to her older children, they wanted to play, so this site has from the beginning been intended for all ages.